Oh Oprah…

So recently, Starbucks has “invented” a new drink on their menu: the Chai Tea Latte. But its not just any Chai Tea Latte, its Oprah’s Chai Tea Latte. Today I went to the local Starbucks and ordered my usual when I saw the little sign on the counter that had all the ingredients for this new, special drink. I thought great, Oprah is working with Starbucks so she can literally be everywhere. But when I got a hot sleeve for my drink, I noticed that Oprah’s name was all over it. There was a quote by her, and a ‘thought of the day’ with her name all over it. Is she trying to brand herself with Starbucks?

This just got me thinking about the PR that Starbucks is getting with her name attached to a drink and now the assessors to a hot beverage. To me, this might not seem like the best idea/ PR plan because now Oprah is apart of the Starbucks brand instead of Starbucks staying as their own independent brand. Whats next? A commercial with Oprah sipping on her “new” drink?

Starbucks is a great company, don’t get me wrong, I want the best for them as a company. I just think they should be careful about how much of a successful brand (like Oprah’s brand) is plastered all over their own brand. I am not also trying to belittle Oprah, she is quite the business lady, but she should just be careful as well.

Just something Ive been noticing 🙂


News Stories in U.S and the Ukraine: Seeing the Difference

People always say there are two sides to every story but within politics, there is always a billion different ‘stories’ around one piece of news. I looked up the updates with the United States and the country of Ukraine to see what has been going on recently with Obama and sending troops over there to help.

Looking at the CNN article, there was a lot of little puns toward the Russians who downed a couple U.S. jets saying that they were boasting. Wether this piece of information was really needed to write, but the CNN network published their opinionated comments.

Looking at the new source from the Russian side of the news, they were very straight forward and used a lot of quotes fro Obama. the CNN news article didn’t have too many quotes, just a lot of information along with bringing up all the things the U.S has done to help Ukraine but also bashing Russia a little bit. The Russian news site, RT, had a ton of Obama quotes and talked a lot about how America is helping Ukraine. This site also took the position of informing the people how many of their people were killed with all the battles between Ukraine and Russia. Coming from their own new sours, this is predictable, the U.S. does this too, so no red flags or anything.

I just find it interesting they are using a ton of ‘direct’ quotes from our President and we are not. Even from CNN, a dominantly democratic news source, there are not that many quotes from President Obama. It might appear that Obama is getting more PR in Russia even though things have been hectic between the two countries recently. There is not much PR or quotes from Obama in our own sources maybe because he doesn’t need it. The Democratic party might need more of good PR and more of a voice coming through news stories, but we shall see more of that as we get closer to the upcoming election.

Interesting to see the difference in two of the same story within news sources.

Check out the CNN news site, click here. 

Check out the Russian news article, click here.

In Response to Sir. Petterson

My classmate Austin wrote a blog about how it is very important to really understand your audience. He wrote an article regarding how 47% of women are at child-bearing age but do not have children. Seeing this statistic and understanding the general women target market, can really change how women are marketed.

This reminds me of the Coca-Cola Share A Coke Campaign when Coca-Cola focused only on Great Britain for the 2013 Summer. They researched their target audience, found out what markets are the most used, where the popular driving routes are, and even researched where the general public walk to the most. The company did some hard core research on their audience and because of their efforts, after the campaign, their Facebook traffic grew 870%. Crazy! Their sales also increased for the specific Great Britain area.

Austin wrote:

“However, While it’s still good to know demographics, it is important for all viewers to understand these statistics and the actual weight they carry.”

This is so true because yes, it is important to know your target audience specifically, but it is just as important to research how much weight they carry and how much of an impact they can have within a campaign or promotion. One of the biggest things we are taught in the Public Relations major and even Advertising is that knowing your target audience, knowing where they are at, where they spend their time and money, all plays a part in creating and implementing a successful campaign.

Great little article by Austin, check out his thoughts and blogs, click here. 

Baby, Baby, Baby… No!

Justin Bieber is in the news… again. After all this alleged crimes of a DUI, vandalizing, and potential assault that you would think he would want to stay out of the news for quite a while. Nope.

The 20 year old is in the news today about apologizing for saying a racial joke back when he was 14 years old. TMZ got wind of this statement Bieber said in a video 6 years ago, but didn’t air it or tell anyone because they felt like Bieber was sincerely sorry.


One, why would Bieber want to be in the news again with something that will damage his reputation more than its already damaged?

Two, why is this just now surfacing?

Three, was there something going on with Bieber and TMZ? Why didn’t they air it?

It says in an article by CNN that Bieber didn’t want people to think he was a racist at 14 years old, and that he was a kid and didn’t know any better. This kind of reminds me of the Paula Dean story when he was caught saying a racial comment like 20 years ago and had to answer for her actions within the last couple years. Is that even fair? Why withhold all these things?

These news stories don’t help anything. If there are comments being made a long time ago and they surface today, I don’t think its as pressing and worth writing a news story about it. There are other important things to write and research about.

There was a note on the CNN news page that mentioned that over 200,000 people have signed the petition to deport Justin Bieber back to Canada, but the White House is not issuing a comment.

Honestly, there are other important things to be petitioning, there are more pressing news stories that should be written and spread, and better things to be doing with our time that we have so little of.


To read the story about the Biebes… click here. 

Apple for Life

Everyone seems to want to rain on Apples parade. They just announced yesterday all their new updates and awesome new features coming to the iPhone, iPads, and Mac computers this Fall. A couple people I know are really excited about all these free updates, but there is always a critic in the room.

No one is ever happy with just letting a computer company drop some awesome news and milestones for their company. These are huge improvements, but everyone has an opinion and has to compare it to all the other gizmos and do dads.

One of the complaints people are talking about is how Apple is integrating more of the technology already created in the 90’s. People are saying that Apple is just now getting on the bandwagon with the health monitor, calling from a PC, and adding widgets to all devices. Where as the Android phone has been using widget features for years.

Apple also did a little PR move when they used a iMac computer to call a ‘new employee’, Dr. Dre. This was completely a PR stunt to get Dr. Dre’s name out there but also establish more of a street cred for Apple. It was a funny part of the conference because Dr. Dre at one point asked what time he should come into the office for orientation. haha! Cute and humorous, I wonder if it was staged and scripted?

Overall Apple is famous for their releasing conferences and the “But theres more” moments, but they did a great job at presenting the new features and I am really looking forward to those updates!

Apple for Life!!


Check out what CNN has to say about the new Apple updates, click here. 

Girl Meets World… When?

Alright so most people have heard that the classic TV show Boy Meets World that was aired on the  ABC Family network has announced a spin off show called Girl Meets World. Its about the life of Corey and Tapanga’s daughter which is an adorable idea.

I heard so much about this show, about how its going to be, that its on Disney network now (they honestly rule the world) and there was even a sneak peak clip that was “leaked” for the media to share with the world. It looked like a great clip of their daughter and the couple showing up, a bit older but still cute.

Its funny how the timing of this show kind of lines up with the time the show took between the Boy Meets World finale in 2000 and with Girl Meets World airing this year… 14 years later. Almost like the Toy Story timeline,  the last movie was Andy going off to college, about the time when most of that generation who first saw the first Toy Story was heading off to college as well; which is what made it so great.

But after hearing about all the details and special clips, it all went away. The hype was over and I didn’t hear about it again. It wasn’t until yesterday when I remembered about the show airing soon and wondered if it had already. Usually when a show debuts, most of the constant promotions end and they focus on the ‘next episode clip sneak peak’ commercials.

I had to look up online to see when the show will air… and its June 27 on Disney Channel.

Its just interesting to see all the promotions being implemented so far out away from the actual air date… Wonder if thats smart PR…

But! I look forward to watching the show 🙂


Till Death Do Us Part…

Its official! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now married… and rumor has it… they still are. Whoot!

After hearing about this wedding, I realized that I didn’t hear about any details of it until after the wedding! All the pictures, all the details, all the decoration ideas, there was absolutely nothing in the news waves talking about the wedding. Now, I might have been out of the loop, but I really didn’t hear anything.

Kims first wedding, I heard everything about it. Where it was going to be, the dress, the TV shows leading up to the big event, everything. But now, there wasn’t even a special on it. Is this Kim’s idea or Kanye’s? For those who actually watch the Kardashian show, Mr. Kanye West isn’t really in a lot of episodes with Kim and Baby North. He seems to be a very private person, so maybe this was his idea.

There was no E! Network special, no teasers, nothing. Now, pictures have surfaced, the actual video is now online to watch the entire day, pictures from Instagram, you name it.

Its just very interesting how Kim and her family are so big on the whole PR stuff and that they are always in the news. With every big event or special announcement, it has always been publicized. I wonder if they are shifting their PR strategies or they are finally going to settle down as a married couple and their child, and do life together…

Or make a reality TV show about it in a couple months.. We shall see!