Oh Oprah…

So recently, Starbucks has “invented” a new drink on their menu: the Chai Tea Latte. But its not just any Chai Tea Latte, its Oprah’s Chai Tea Latte. Today I went to the local Starbucks and ordered my usual when I saw the little sign on the counter that had all the ingredients for this new, special drink. I thought great, Oprah is working with Starbucks so she can literally be everywhere. But when I got a hot sleeve for my drink, I noticed that Oprah’s name was all over it. There was a quote by her, and a ‘thought of the day’ with her name all over it. Is she trying to brand herself with Starbucks?

This just got me thinking about the PR that Starbucks is getting with her name attached to a drink and now the assessors to a hot beverage. To me, this might not seem like the best idea/ PR plan because now Oprah is apart of the Starbucks brand instead of Starbucks staying as their own independent brand. Whats next? A commercial with Oprah sipping on her “new” drink?

Starbucks is a great company, don’t get me wrong, I want the best for them as a company. I just think they should be careful about how much of a successful brand (like Oprah’s brand) is plastered all over their own brand. I am not also trying to belittle Oprah, she is quite the business lady, but she should just be careful as well.

Just something Ive been noticing 🙂


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