News Stories in U.S and the Ukraine: Seeing the Difference

People always say there are two sides to every story but within politics, there is always a billion different ‘stories’ around one piece of news. I looked up the updates with the United States and the country of Ukraine to see what has been going on recently with Obama and sending troops over there to help.

Looking at the CNN article, there was a lot of little puns toward the Russians who downed a couple U.S. jets saying that they were boasting. Wether this piece of information was really needed to write, but the CNN network published their opinionated comments.

Looking at the new source from the Russian side of the news, they were very straight forward and used a lot of quotes fro Obama. the CNN news article didn’t have too many quotes, just a lot of information along with bringing up all the things the U.S has done to help Ukraine but also bashing Russia a little bit. The Russian news site, RT, had a ton of Obama quotes and talked a lot about how America is helping Ukraine. This site also took the position of informing the people how many of their people were killed with all the battles between Ukraine and Russia. Coming from their own new sours, this is predictable, the U.S. does this too, so no red flags or anything.

I just find it interesting they are using a ton of ‘direct’ quotes from our President and we are not. Even from CNN, a dominantly democratic news source, there are not that many quotes from President Obama. It might appear that Obama is getting more PR in Russia even though things have been hectic between the two countries recently. There is not much PR or quotes from Obama in our own sources maybe because he doesn’t need it. The Democratic party might need more of good PR and more of a voice coming through news stories, but we shall see more of that as we get closer to the upcoming election.

Interesting to see the difference in two of the same story within news sources.

Check out the CNN news site, click here. 

Check out the Russian news article, click here.


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