In Response to Sir. Petterson

My classmate Austin wrote a blog about how it is very important to really understand your audience. He wrote an article regarding how 47% of women are at child-bearing age but do not have children. Seeing this statistic and understanding the general women target market, can really change how women are marketed.

This reminds me of the Coca-Cola Share A Coke Campaign when Coca-Cola focused only on Great Britain for the 2013 Summer. They researched their target audience, found out what markets are the most used, where the popular driving routes are, and even researched where the general public walk to the most. The company did some hard core research on their audience and because of their efforts, after the campaign, their Facebook traffic grew 870%. Crazy! Their sales also increased for the specific Great Britain area.

Austin wrote:

“However, While it’s still good to know demographics, it is important for all viewers to understand these statistics and the actual weight they carry.”

This is so true because yes, it is important to know your target audience specifically, but it is just as important to research how much weight they carry and how much of an impact they can have within a campaign or promotion. One of the biggest things we are taught in the Public Relations major and even Advertising is that knowing your target audience, knowing where they are at, where they spend their time and money, all plays a part in creating and implementing a successful campaign.

Great little article by Austin, check out his thoughts and blogs, click here. 


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