Girl Meets World… When?

Alright so most people have heard that the classic TV show Boy Meets World that was aired on the  ABC Family network has announced a spin off show called Girl Meets World. Its about the life of Corey and Tapanga’s daughter which is an adorable idea.

I heard so much about this show, about how its going to be, that its on Disney network now (they honestly rule the world) and there was even a sneak peak clip that was “leaked” for the media to share with the world. It looked like a great clip of their daughter and the couple showing up, a bit older but still cute.

Its funny how the timing of this show kind of lines up with the time the show took between the Boy Meets World finale in 2000 and with Girl Meets World airing this year… 14 years later. Almost like the Toy Story timeline,  the last movie was Andy going off to college, about the time when most of that generation who first saw the first Toy Story was heading off to college as well; which is what made it so great.

But after hearing about all the details and special clips, it all went away. The hype was over and I didn’t hear about it again. It wasn’t until yesterday when I remembered about the show airing soon and wondered if it had already. Usually when a show debuts, most of the constant promotions end and they focus on the ‘next episode clip sneak peak’ commercials.

I had to look up online to see when the show will air… and its June 27 on Disney Channel.

Its just interesting to see all the promotions being implemented so far out away from the actual air date… Wonder if thats smart PR…

But! I look forward to watching the show 🙂



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