Apple for Life

Everyone seems to want to rain on Apples parade. They just announced yesterday all their new updates and awesome new features coming to the iPhone, iPads, and Mac computers this Fall. A couple people I know are really excited about all these free updates, but there is always a critic in the room.

No one is ever happy with just letting a computer company drop some awesome news and milestones for their company. These are huge improvements, but everyone has an opinion and has to compare it to all the other gizmos and do dads.

One of the complaints people are talking about is how Apple is integrating more of the technology already created in the 90’s. People are saying that Apple is just now getting on the bandwagon with the health monitor, calling from a PC, and adding widgets to all devices. Where as the Android phone has been using widget features for years.

Apple also did a little PR move when they used a iMac computer to call a ‘new employee’, Dr. Dre. This was completely a PR stunt to get Dr. Dre’s name out there but also establish more of a street cred for Apple. It was a funny part of the conference because Dr. Dre at one point asked what time he should come into the office for orientation. haha! Cute and humorous, I wonder if it was staged and scripted?

Overall Apple is famous for their releasing conferences and the “But theres more” moments, but they did a great job at presenting the new features and I am really looking forward to those updates!

Apple for Life!!


Check out what CNN has to say about the new Apple updates, click here. 


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