Till Death Do Us Part…

Its official! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now married… and rumor has it… they still are. Whoot!

After hearing about this wedding, I realized that I didn’t hear about any details of it until after the wedding! All the pictures, all the details, all the decoration ideas, there was absolutely nothing in the news waves talking about the wedding. Now, I might have been out of the loop, but I really didn’t hear anything.

Kims first wedding, I heard everything about it. Where it was going to be, the dress, the TV shows leading up to the big event, everything. But now, there wasn’t even a special on it. Is this Kim’s idea or Kanye’s? For those who actually watch the Kardashian show, Mr. Kanye West isn’t really in a lot of episodes with Kim and Baby North. He seems to be a very private person, so maybe this was his idea.

There was no E! Network special, no teasers, nothing. Now, pictures have surfaced, the actual video is now online to watch the entire day, pictures from Instagram, you name it.

Its just very interesting how Kim and her family are so big on the whole PR stuff and that they are always in the news. With every big event or special announcement, it has always been publicized. I wonder if they are shifting their PR strategies or they are finally going to settle down as a married couple and their child, and do life together…

Or make a reality TV show about it in a couple months.. We shall see!


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