In Response to Lady Bunyard

Baylee Bunyard wrote a great little blog post about the Baccalaureate and the Bachelor TV show. She talked about how its demeaning to women and people have to strip on national television just to make it to the next round or for a solo date.

These people who get chosen to the the Baccalaureate or the Bachelor are, lets face it, always good looking, and the people they pick for the main person to choose look pretty on TV, too; just like Baylee said in her blog. How can this really work and people find ‘love’ if the show acts this way. These people are under contract to pick someone and propose. The pressure to find someone that the network has picked out for you within that certain period of time… its crazy! But yet, America still watches it and eats it right up.

How did this come about? Why are people so interested in watching who the main person chooses in the end? People at home pick their favorite people on the show competing for the end prize, but yet, when asked, most of them don’t like what the show stands for. But yet they watch it religiously.

People might say that the show is dumb, but they like the entertainment. This TV show is promoted heavily on news channels, the network, all over the place. This show has been going on for years and years, and yet people still watch. They enjoy that reality TV show entertainment and the heart strings aspect of it. Will they find true love? Will they be true to the person they choose in the end?

We talked a little about the heart strings in class and how that effects something going viral or memorable. Well, this show has gone viral and people keep watching it!


Click here to view Baylee’s blog! 


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