Case Study: Shark Fin Soup

In a case study involving the Hong Kong Disneyland facility, there was an issue that was addressed with serving the Shark Fin Soup on the theme park grounds. Disneyland had to change a lot of the traditional Disneyland appearance to better fit the culture of the Hong Kong demographic so they designed the grounds in the ‘feng shui’ design, their opening ceremonies performed the traditional Chinese lion dance, they served Asian-friendly food, and more to cater to their culture.

The idea of changing up the park to fit the Chinese culture’s needs is important to consider because just like in America, there are some things that tie into our culture and make us want to go to the park. Its also out of respect for another demographic and Disney is showing how much they care.

The issue of serving this Shark Fin soup at Disneyland was an issue because some activists came forward wanting to ban this dish from being served.

Shark fin soup is when fishermen capture sharks, rip their fins off, and throw them back into the ocean to die. Not very awesome, so we can see why this activist group wanted to take action.

So, Disney responded with handing out leaflets educating the parks attendees about how the soup is made; trying to encourage people to not order the soup. But after a whole month of protests, the park decided to remove the soup from the wedding menu.

Because the activist group targeted this Disney park and not other restaurants who were serving the same dish is because personally I think its because Disney is an American company. And since they didn’t want to upset other Disney parks, or chances for other parks, they wanted to listen more to the activists in the community and do whatever they could to make everyone happy.

There were even issues with the amount of air pollution, labor issues, noise pollution, wild dogs, and overcrowding. All instances, the park’s president and/or vice president always came out with a statement apologizing and bringing some personal statements to relate to the complaints.

These news stories didn’t carry into the national news headlines because I think they wanted to keep it within that culture and deal with any issues they may have over there. Its not carports fault these are happening, its the Hong Kong managers at Disney who are dealing with these specific problems. I agree with this strategy and think its very wise on Disney’s part to manage different locations that way.


Pretty neat case study this week, its really interesting to see how big corporations deal with little problems around the world like serving a specific soup. Nice work Disney!


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