15 Minutes Could Save You… Well, You Know

There has been this new commercial being advertised practically on every channel and its the one where the brown-colored M&M is asking for insurance from Geico’s gecko. The brown M&M is talking about how she should be covered with insurance even though she is at ‘high risk’ for insurance because she is basically chocolate. Also during the commercial, the candy mentioned that she had been in that office for 15 min, and was saying that ‘you know what happens after 15 minutes’…

OK. There is a lot going on with this commercial. The fact that the M&M commercials have been pooping up more and more with clever one-liners and trying to stay relevant, and the fact that its bringing in promotion for Geico Insurance, seems to be interesting.

For a couple months now, or possibly about a year now, insurance companies have been stepping up their game with ads. They have witty commercials like All State’s Meyham character, the Farmers Insurance bald spokesman who works at Farmers University, Progressive has the Flo character, and with Geico, they have the gecko, and a pig. I personally love the fact that these are all awesome commercials and have high competition among them all.

However the candy industry has stepped up their game as well. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the same as they have always been, but their commercials are cute and bring their product back into peoples minds. They are adorable commercials!

So its interesting that M&M’s, a classic candy product, is working with an insurance company, and combining forces to cross promote. They even brought in the “Hump Day Camel’ into the commercial at the end to bring in more humor.

They are taking ironic scenarios and tying them into each other’s promotions like with insuring chocolate.

Very interesting… 🙂

Here is the commercial, click here. 


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