I Dare You To Switchfoot

Alright everyone. It’s time to come right out and say it…

Switchfoot has the BEST PR EVER.

This band is honestly my favorite band in the entire universe for many reasons and no.. its not because they are super cute and can sing good. No. This band has won my heart because of their lyrics, their overall personalities, their beliefs, passion, creativity, and more. Their PR is apart of my love for them.

Over the years, Switchfoot has grown and re-invented themselves over and over again.  I have never met someone who has gotten tired of listening to them. Each album is different and has a whole new message being said throughout the entire record. They never slow down and always put their best songs out for the world to hear.

They have really promoted themselves well. Their songs are not played on radio stations to the point where you could grow sick of them, they stay humble, and have great promotions leading up to their new album releases and tours. Every single one of them.

One of the most awesome campaigns they just did about a year ago was when they were promoting their new album “Fading West” but they weren’t just promoting the new CD, they were promoting a new movie they created about surfing all around the world. Brilliant and a beautiful flick.

Since the band has already dropped over 8 albums, they wanted to do something different. Being surfer dudes from San Diego, they decided to film a documentary-like film and cross promote with a soundtrack (their record) to go along with the film. Genius.

Swichfoot has even been hosting the “Switchfoot Bro Am” for a couple years. This event is a surfing contest when a bunch of local companies come out to surf with the boys, sell their stuff, and have an awesome concert with Switchfoot being the headliner and have local talent perform as well. Amazing event. Again with the great promotions for the band. Switchfoot is branding themselves to the core.

Bands can do a great job at promoting a new album, but they really need to stay consistent with their marketing and promotions otherwise people might loose interest. There are some bands who promote their first album to the core, but then think they make it and don’t promote the second, but come back with a great third. It doesn’t work like that.

Its important to stay connected to your fans. Have surfing contests, film something, be awesome like Switchfoot, and then everyone is happy. 🙂

Bottom line is that people should look to Switchfoot for one, their ledgendary-ness, two, for their re-inventing perfection, and three, their promotions. They stay clean, work hard, and always have a great attitude. They play on almost every late night talk show, play at baseball games, travel all around the world, and still have time to be family men. All around great guys and awesome to talk to.

Great PR, Switchfoot. Hire me?


To listen to the best music you will ever hear in your life, head over to Switchfoot’s website, click here.


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