In Response to… Baylee’s Baseball and Music Blog Post

Music and Baseball is a great combination. Baylee talks a lot about how in San Francisco, there is a Metallica night at a baseball game and its a great way for baseball fans to hear awesome music and for the band to get more exposure. I 100% agree. No, I 200% agree!

While working within the music industry, I try to find ways artists can spread their music and with me working at a radio station, radio is a great way to spread the word about a new artist, a new song, or any industry announcements.

Baylee mentioned a true fact that its hard to get people to come to every game a team has. There are different things that make people not want to go like weather, holiday weekend, or just had enough of baseball games.

So, what are baseball PR firms supposed to do? Create concerts of course!

This trend is occurring all over the place where bands can come in and perform during half time or have an awesome after show after the game ends. Some radio stations or record labels today are even hosting contests where people can enter to win a backstage pass when going to a theme night at a baseball game. Anything to get people to come support their local baseball teams all the while promoting a musician and/or their representation.

The band Switchfoot is located down in San Diego, CA and they have a show at the San Diego Padres baseball games all the time; when there is good weather. They support their local team and always have a  good time. And they are the best band ever.

If more baseball PR firms incorporate local talent at their games, there could be more of a home-fan-base coming to the games and supporting their team, too. Musicians are now playing on fashion shows like the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show, why not baseball games? 🙂

And everyone should listen to Switchfoot.


Check out Baylee’s Blog, Click here.

Listen to Switchfoot and love them forever, click here.


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