Social Media and Your Mom

This week as a class we were told to look at the PRSSA monthly prompt which is:

More and more colleges and universities are instilling social media and digital marketing classes. Have you taken one of these classes? What did you learn? If you haven’t taken one of these classes or if your college doesn’t offer them, what do you wish professors would teach about the digital world?

Alright, there is a lot to be said about social media and what kind of classes I would want to see revolving around social media. So.. to start off, I really believe that a class for social media and learning how to use it right is VERY important. When applying for a job or researching a company, I always use social media to check on companies and what they are doing, but its important to be professional all over the web. Nothing is ever deleted, and the most students know about how to properly use social media, the better.

We talked about in class how its easy for us to adapt to a new social media, we do it all the time, but its more difficult to adapt correctly. My hope is that students who take the one social media class that is offered this summer to really learn how companies are using it and how they use it correctly.

Its so easy to post those pictures of ‘last night’s party’ all over Facebook and twitter, but really, those photos are going to possibly hurt you down the line when employers are looking at how professional you are and how you interact with people online.

Same goes for companies. I was asked to participate in an interviewing process with a company this past week and before the interview I wanted to check up on what they are doing on social media and what are people saying about the company. And I was blown away. The review sites were saying its a terrible company and they work people to the bone with terrible pay. I was shocked. Their social media, to me, looked really professional and they were posting a lot like a great PR company. But when I looked at this social, open forum review site, it was crazy different.

How you a re perceived online really matters. Knowing how to brand yourself, being professional, keeping it clean, it all is really important and thats what I wish professors would teach about.

Even when getting ready for working within a company and you are going to be working with social media management. Know how the company interacts online, whats their voice, and just learn how to be professional. Keep the ‘last night party’ pictures to snapchat. Sorry snapchat. Love you.

Overall, I wish professors would teach college students, especially ones about to graduate, or for that matter, get them while they are young, I wish they would teach more about how to professional brand yourself and keep a profile clean.

Social media is a way of promotion and its really important to be on top of the latest trends, but don’t be stuck only on social media because the mediums that we know today might not be around next year. Constantly be learning, researching, keeping eyes and ears open, and never stop growing.

Everyone is on social media.

Even your mom. Clean it up. You don’t want your mom to see what you did at last night’s party.


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