Rather Have A Root Canal?

In today’s news, lovely actress Emma Thompson came out with a statement about using social media. She said that she would rather have a root canal for the rest of her life than join Twitter and use social media. The actress also said that staying too connected will kill a generation.

When asked what she thought about googling herself, she said “rather be putting my head in the toilet and flushing it repeatedly.”


Why do she hate social media so much. Honestly, I don’t really know too much about this actress, I mean I can recognize her once I see her on TV, but I wouldn’t be able to identify her by name. I think using social media and more of promoting herself would help that knowledge gap. haha.

Why would she come out with such a statement? Would you consider this bad PR? She’s a successful actress, looks happy, things are going well, why would she want to say these things to the press. Its almost insulting when talking to a reporter who uses social media as a source, that she would rather have a painful root canal for the rest of her life than koi Twitter.

It almost seems like an old fashioned mindset. the people who don’t want to change and adapt to the latest communication tools are being stubborn and a little rude. It seems to be insulting to the people who created these social medias, too. I mean Im sure these people have thick skin, I don’t doubt that, but ouch. It would be funny to see Twitter or Facebook, or even Google to step out and say something funny back. Maybe start a humorous hash tag trend to get Emma Thompson on Twitter. haha Even Steve Martin is on Twitter and has created a book from his tweets. Yup. Its true.

Anyway, Mrs. Thompson, I am so sorry that you dislike Twitter and social media in general. Why this news story is even in the news seems like a little PR move to get people like me talking about it.. maybe she has a movie coming out, something! But we will be talking about it on Twitter 🙂


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