Don’t Steal My Tunes, Bro

It may come as a shock to some, but sometimes, bands and artists don’t write their own songs. I know right?! Crazy!

But its true. Many bands either hire a writer to help them craft their next big hit single/album or they write all the songs themselves as a band or just the lead singer. Every band is different and its totally normal. But did you know that some bands don’t do either and instead pick up tunes or riffs that some independent artist created?

There have been many instances where bands like Coldplay and the Black Eyed Pees have taken someone else’s tune and they claimed ownership. Now the people who wrote the tune couldn’t do anything about it because they didn’t have the money to fight the record companies and didn’t have the right representation.

Songs that those two bands have passed off as theirs… is a bad PR move. When i saw what people were saying on social media and personal blogs, it was crazy to me that these bands can get away with it and still sleep at night. To me, when I see that happening, I actually loose a lot of respect for them as artists. I used to be a musician, I represented bands for over 6 years, and I work within the music industry at Jam The City Radio so I know what respect for an artist looks like first hand.

When I heard about the song stealing, I was mad and just thought that I won’t want to listen to those songs again and really, those artists. Sorry, but its cruel to steal from the poor (or the ones not as famous as you) and act like your awesome.

In the news recently, a band named Spirit has come forward claiming that the into to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway TO Heaven” is theirs. And it has only now surfaced because they just now hired the right attorney. Really? Now, this song has been famous for YEARS. This song is a classic and an anthem to some. Why, after all these years, are they making a big fuss out it?

The Today Show explains that there are a lot of songs that sound the same and Stairway to Heaven is not the first song to sound like it does. Duh. Its the music industry, if there are similar songs, who really cares. Its one thing to try and sound like other bands, and its another to steal someone’s song who doesn’t have the means to fight or promote their song on their own. Please don’t get my views mixed up, I could really go on for a while here, but sometimes I am bad at explaining things.

Overall, bands, don’t steal people’s songs. Especially if they are fans of yours, its bad PR and you are losing respect within the fan base world and the music industry world. Just as a PR professional who has worked intently within the industry for years, just don’t do it.


Here is the article from the Today show, click here.

Keep rocking on!


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