Its a Colbert Nation

We all remember the Steven Colbert Super Bowl commercial with the falcon and the Pistachios nuts. It was super funny and memorable because it was a two-part commercial.

Since the Superbowl, there have been many commercials with this funny guy promoting the nut brand. AND he was just announced as the new Late Night talk show host. He was up against many other people to take that place of David Letterman on the Late Night Show.

But something occurred to me about just how much Colbert is in on the air. With all his commercials with the nuts, and the big announcement of Colbert becoming a late night talk show host, it seems like one big PR campaign. The Pistachios  nut company selected wisely the right person to have on their commercials because now his is under the microscope even more than usual because of all the news stories he is apart of.


The nut company are still making new commercials that are honestly really funny and memorable. They still have the falcon in them and Colbert looking sharp, and now its only with an awesome one-liner phrase.

As witty and awesome as these commercials are, its like everyone is seeing more of him in a funny light, like he as always been, and making people want to watch him on the old David Letterman show when Colbert begins his term.

Seeing Colbert on TV with the falcon, is not only legendary, but also makes me want to watch how Colbert does on the new talk show and know that he is still going to be funny and keep his wittiness.

Looking forward to seeing what other PR moves Colbert is going to do to promote his new job and keeping his fans.



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