Find the SOURCE

Today for class our assignment was to attend the annual SOURCE Info fair where many students give speeches and presentations on various topics they have been studying in school.

I was fortunate enough to attend a language barrier seminar about what heritage, spanish speaking students deal with barriers within their classrooms. This seminar was not very beneficial for me to really learn about because I am going into the public relations industry. But I can totally bring what I learned in this presentation back to PR because as a PR-to be, I can spin this into the PR light. 🙂

They talked a lot about language barriers and this is really important to know when dealing with other companies from other countries. And its really good to understand their culture and beliefs. Why? You don’t want to insult them when making a business deal, or working with their media. They might see things in a different light just because that is what they are used to or thats considered a ‘norm’ for them and possibly ‘abnormal’ for others. Making sure that relations are good between international clients and businesses is really beneficial.

The presenter also talked a lot about how one presents the material to a client (student). They might not understand what you are talking about or know some slang that might come out of a media plan. When working with global PR, its a necessity to really pay attention to the kind of culture the client lives in and what they hold dear to their hearts.

It is also important not to discourage the client to not speak their language. If its a really important deal, maybe have someone there to speak their language and make them as comfortable as possible. Knowing how the grammar works and understanding the different levels of confidence based on their culture. The speaker talked about how some cultures are more prone to answer questions compared to others; just something to keep in mind and make sure to talk with international clients, and not at them.

Just the little things that could make more global relations better and comfortable. Overall great presentation, a little out of my knowledge area, but it can always relate back to PR.




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