In Response to Baylee’s Flash Mob Blog

The wonderful Baylee Bunyard wrote a blog about the flash mobs that occur around the nation and how something like these videos goes viral. And its amazing how many people post these videos about flash mobs when they have been done so many times.. and greatly I might add.

But what makes a video go viral when its something that has been done before?

Baylee said, “The timing has to be perfect, the costuming has to be there and the dance has to be one that captures attention.”

Getting the ‘ok’ to go out into a public area, getting a permit, everything, might be a huge task to complete when its a less than ten minutes event. Picking the right time of day to perform, getting people to actually do it and practice, takes a lot of work.

When I was at Western Washington University, I was apart of a flash mob, well, mostly the behind-the-scenes kind of help. I got people to come to the venue, I was filming, worked on timing, Since classes got out and there was about 7 minutes to get to our next class, it had to be a quick but popular song.

To make a flash mob more ‘viral’ you have to get a super popular, trendy song, have killer and different dance moves, and have more people to dance. The bigger the crowd the better. I can see where elements from event planning can come into play when organizing this whole thing. People have to practice a good amount of time ahead of the time of implementation, and even organize dance moves.

Kind of what Baylee was saying in her blog, she was wondering what really comes out of doing a flash mob. People put so much work into putting it all together that Baylee, and myself wonder if its worth it. I mean, the location gets some exposure. If its a dance company performing or musical company performing, then they get exposure. And its exposure for the artist, too, who wrote that song that the dancers perform to.

So, there are definitely some benefits to a flash mob, and its just down right fun! But its very interesting about what it really takes to go ‘viral’ and be different than other flash mobs. Cool stuff.

Here is the video of the flash mob I was apart of at Western:

Here is also the link to Baylee’s blog: click here. 


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