Recently the shoe company, TOMS has started a social media campaign that is bringing more of their customers together called #IAMTOM.

Here is what the company said in their blog:

TOM is not a single person, it is the idea that the decisions we make today can echo into the future. If you believe in finding adventure while building a better tomorrow, you’re TOM.

If you shop consciously, volunteer with an organization that is changing lives, take part in creating a sustainable future or help raise awareness of issues affecting lives across the globe – you are TOM. If you purchase a pair of TOMS shoes, include TOMS Roasting Co. in your daily ritual, add TOMS Eyewear to your outfit of the day or send a special gift from TOMS Marketplace – you are TOM.

We’re in this together. #IAMTOM

So what does this all mean? Its an overall very inspiring message and they are doing a great job at incorporating the new hashtag into their pictures online with people drawing the campaign on the TOMS flag you receive when you guy a pair of shoes. But does this mean that they are changing the company name?

Would they do that?

It looks like TOMS is making the name TOM a household name and trying to get everyone to apart of one collective; under one umbrella. Good for them! The company is already very touching and inspirational because of their overall mission, so, from what it looks like, they are growing even more that inspirational level and heart-strings-like campaign.

Their end quote that reads “We’re in this together” I think, one, has been used a TON with marketing a product or brand, even High School Musical, but I really like their strategy here.

TOMS has been about how you buy a pair and then you give a pair to someone in need of shoes in a third world county. Beautiful. But now, since this company, in a sense is connecting us with people over seas, TOMS is branching out into another direction with looking at the connections TOMS Shoes brings to the all of us here. It might be a hidden connection, but now this campaign is bringing that to the surface.

This might be totally overthinking this awesome campaign, but its really interesting to see why the company is doing this and how much its bringing people together. It will be really interesting to see how this campaign turns out and what comes of the TOMS brand.


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