Godzilla Loves Apples

I love Apple. I love their computers, their phones, but most importantly their overall message and inspiration they always have within their commercials.

The most recent commercial that was released this month is about what everyone can do, extraordinary things, while using the iPhone 5. People are playing violin using their iPhone, turning stage lights different colors, and even turning up the volume for a singer. Crazy things! There is even a scene where we see someone launch fireworks just by pushing a button on her phone. Like… what?!

But there is one scene in the commercial I think caught the most attention and was the most memorable. It was the moment when a dad was filming his little son knocking over play-toy ‘buildings’ and destroying everything while dressed in a dinosaur consume. Adorable!!

I can just picture everyone going ‘awwwww’ after watching it. But that struck in my mind. It reminded me of the new Godzilla movie thats coming out soon. I wonder if this was a little promo for it.

Since the movie has been done, re-done, and done again, it wouldn’t hurt to get a little more promotions this time around, right?

So, this just makes me wonder if the movie company asked Apple to incorporate a cute, heart-stings moment incorporating the movie and the concept of the movie. It wouldn’t be a bad thing. Product placement is in almost everything these days. This connection just made me a little curious.

But you know what, I am now 10 times more likely to go see the movie now that I loved that father/son moment in the Apple commercial. Im totally serious.

Getting at someone’s heartstrings really works and that really sells a product to someone.

Watch the Apple Commercial here. Click here.


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