Hillary Clinton is like Kim Kardashian?

Hillary Clinton has been in the news a TON lately and most people think that its mostly for her presidential campaign. But one of the stories is about how Monica Kewinsky came out into the media about putting what happened in the past in the past. However this news story did anything but put things in the past.

An article on The Daily Beast talked about how Monica has changed the media with her Vanity Fair confection. The article read, “The Monica Lewinsky confessional in Vanity Fair brings back a torrent of unfond memories of the appalling cast of tabloid gargoyles who drove the scandal.” 

So as it may seem that Monica would be in the lime light, Hillary Clinton is trending because of this news story in Vanity Fair. Coincidence?

I think all this… the timing… it all seems like its all for Hillary’s campaign. And now she’s in the news today about her ‘brain injury’, there always seems to be something with Hillary’s name all over it. Like Kim Kardashian. In a previous blog post I wrote, I talked about how Kim just is always in the news for something ridiculous, or serious, or just a flat out lie. Kim appears to be a PR queen, and now, maybe I should bite my tongue, but Hillary is too. Now that all these news stories are coming into the media, and even President Obama had a conference about having equal pay for women… it all seems like an avocation for Hillary to become the next President.

And its smart, too. Even though all these news stories are kind of surrounding Hillary and her campaign, she is still running and people might be more inclined to vote for her because they hear her name all the time in the news, and with the Monica story, bring sympathy toward the vote. Smart PR, very manipulative, but smart.

Just my two cents, I would love to hear what other people think about this idea, and just letting y’all know I have no bad feelings toward Hillary, she’s a smart woman, I am just analyzing the PR methods here. 🙂


And here is the Article I cited in this blog: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/09/how-monica-lewinsky-changed-the-media.html


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