Look Up, Not Down at Your iPhone

Baylee wrote a blog about how people just can’t live without their iPhones and would do pretty much anything to track it, find it, and stay attached to it.

Baylee’s blog said, “Sixty-eight percent of people surveyed said they would be more worried about getting their phone back than the risk they would put themselves in to get it back.”

How crazy is that! In the news, there was this lady who used the iPhone tracking device app to find a phone that some thieves took. Then Conan O’Brian mentioned it within his live show. I agree with Baylee that I would be heart sick if I lost my phone because I have a lot of stuff on there! Pictures, links to my social media, contacts, email, everything.

At the same as this news story was being publicized, I was shown a viral video that has been going around the YouTube world and all around Facebook as well. Its called “Look Up” and its about how people need to set technology aside and go look up, walk around, and enjoy the small moments that make life amazing.

Its a really powerful, really inspirational video and I hope everyone gets to see it soon. Don’t worry, I think its going to come around into your newsfeed if it hasn’t already. The things the video talks about is just how much time we spend looking down at our phones and being ‘friends’ with people online, even though we have never really hung out or talked to them in real life.

I personally love this video and it makes me not be ‘in love’ with my phone as much. Yeah, its an expensive piece of equipment and I would hate to loose it, but its just a phone. Connecting with real people and hanging out in person with my phone in my pocket, thats more important than checking Tweets or new postings.

 Putting the public back in public relations.

Here is the link to Baylee Bunyards awesome blog post:http://bayleedbunyard.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/would-you-rather-lose-a-leg-or-your-iphone/

And here is the link to the video that will blow your socks off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7dLU6fk9QY


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