Brian Solis: A Visionary

This week in Agency, we got the amazing chance to Skype with Mr. Brian Solis, author of the book we are reading in this class, “Engage!”. It was an awesome Q&A session with him and what he had to say just blew my mind. His passion was just so well seen that I think the whole class was pretty impressed just how awesome he is.

A couple things that really stood out to me about this Skype meeting, and please bare with me as I try to wrap my brain around his long, but rad responses haha

He mentioned a lot about how the more we question things and try to understand why there are certain standards, or why things appear a certain way, or anything like that, we would be constantly  student and always learning. Never stop learning and seeing what people are saying about future technology, social media platforms, and everything else.

Mr. Solis also said that

“A blog is a platform to share what makes you amazing.”

I love this because it not only is a little funny, but its really encouraging. This blog might have just started because its an assignment and we have to post blogs, but I’m just encouraged to continue this blog after college is over. (38 days left!)

Being a company and having a blog posting regularly helps a company become more ‘human’  and have that extra platform to connect to consumers, fans, friends, anyone. Making a company more human will do wonders.

At the end of our talk with Mr. Solis, he touched on how there will be a huge digital transformation coming soon. Social media as we know it, will be totally gone and possibly have something different. Crazy! We think that our social media connections are a huge part of our lives and even for companies to connect to the people that ‘like’ their page. But, Mr. Solis believes that this will all change… and soon. Mr. Solis says:

“Make it part of a bigger story.”

Overall had an amazing time talking to Brian Solis and honestly, I am super encouraged to just learn so much and keep blogging. Keep tabs on the authors and just see what they are up to, what they are talking about, anything. Brian Solis’ final words were:

“Work hard. Don’t give up.”

Follow Brian on Twitter: @BrianSolis 


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