Breaking news today is the tragic story of Nigerian rebels kidnapping over 300 girls and threatening the public that they will sell the girls if they don’t get what they want. Already there have been over 100 girls sold over the boarder for $12 each.

These are girls who are going to school to become nurses, teachers, girls with big dreams are now captive and being sold.

Instead there is a heavy load of Activism going on everywhere. Giant public figures like Hillary Clinton, and Mary J. Blige have been Tweeting and going out to protests to support the movement to bring the girls home.

There has been a ton of Social Media activism going on including the creation of the hash tag #bringbackourgirls and this has been going viral.

So many people are using this hash tag to connect and bring everyone together via social media to stand in protest. Now there are more and more physical protests being held outside in Nigeria, and across the United States, begging the rebels to bring the girls home.

Such a sad story and we all hope to actively bring those girls back home.

In class, we were just talking about activism and what that really looks like, and today, this is a great, but tragic, example of activism. People are getting the media involved, there are protests, working with the government officials, and lots more to get people motivated to bring the girls home.

Everyone is Tweeting and talking about ways to get people to join the activist movement. They are tweeting about why it relates to you, or why you should care, and its all really powerful.

Just saw a tweet that 8 more girls were kidnapped within the last minute.

There is no time to waste.


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