Starbucks Has It Right

In response to a classmate of mine, Kate Marez, she talked about how great of a job Starbucks is doing with their consumer relations. Starbucks has made it a goal to interact with consumers via social media through Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere they are at.

The coffee giant even has a website where people can go to talk opening about their personal experiences and converse with each other. Its almost like Starbucks is trying to always talk with the people and encourage them to interact with giant companies.

One thing Kate noticed about Starbucks interacting with consumers is that they “respond to complaints and questions like on Facebook, but respond humorously and conversationally,” said Kate. Another thing she noticed was that this company rarely lets a question or comment go unnoticed, and to me, thats just the best way to go.

Unlike World Vision, the company I analyzed in a previous post about their consumer relations, they actually talk with their consumers whereas World Vision stays silent and only posts their own news, without interacting with others… and I think that is honestly part of their crisis management plan due to their previous news reports.

Starbucks Love

Starbucks has it right. They are constantly trying to be our best friend. They are writing our names on our coffee cups, even if there is no other people in the shop, they still ask your name and write it down. I can still never get them to put an ‘H’ at the end of my name, but at least they try.

They even have great rewards programs, and an awesome app that allows people to pay through their mobile device. I know its been around a while, but I still things its rad.

Overall, Starbucks, as much as you burnt the coffee beans, and spell my name wrong, I am in love with your consumer relations and many other companies should be taking notes.


Here is the link to Kate’s original post:


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