Dear Diary

This week our assignment was to document for one day all the brands we are exposed to. Boy, what a task. This experience was very interesting because honestly, within my house alone, there were over 100 brands staring me in the face everyday and I never really thought about them.

I documented my ENTIRE DAY of seeing these brands, and they were everywhere! In my pantry, my room, my shower, in the CWU’s SURC, driving, honestly, I was writing down every brand I saw and it seemed like I was writing all day. My hands went numb.

During commercials on TV while I was doing my homework, listening to Pandora and having those commercials come on every 4 songs, brands that were just on someone’s lapel walking by, it never stopped.

Even looking at my iPhone, there was snapchat, Facebook, Instagram (which takes up all my time), Pinterest, Twitter, Gmail, Logos Bible Software, Jam The City Radio, Pandora, Spotify, it just goes on and on and I am exposed to these brands for a handful of hours within one day.

While watching for brands on TV, it was very clear if the show was trying to pull off product placement when the name of a product was blatantly shown and had a focus. Even in my email, there were ad promotions like from LinkedIn (like I wrote about in another post), Twitter updates, Zazzle, Vista Print offers, Dell computer offers, Livenation ticket sales, concerts coming through the area, you name it, it was in my inbox.

I never thought about how much I am really exposed to all these brands. I just thought overall that they were really annoying and just there.

The messages I really payed attention to were the ones from the brands I already have bought from or they have a great new campaign they are doing now (yes, Ill admit, I am a bit of a PR nerd). 🙂 The messages that were touching and personal were the ones that really caught my attention and established a positive report between the brand name and me. But then it goes back to Inspiration v. Manipulation within ads and how they effect our outlooks on the brand. If it is more inspirational, they you are more likely to buy it. Similar to my rations toward the meaningful messages.

I did not spend a ton of time on social media as much because I had meetings and school work to really focus on the day I analyzed everything. The brands i saw more of were the top-end name brand companies like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TOMS, and Dial Soap. They all didn’t really seem to be directed toward me specifically, but overall trends were personalization, like on social media apps, and humor. A lot of brands are creating commercials and emails that are pretty humorous to get a better reaction out of consumers.

Overall a pretty interesting experience and it was really exhausting to keep track of just how many brands I was exposed to in just one day. It was over 250 that I remembered to write down. Crazy. I love branding.


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