World Vision & Social Media

In class today, we are talking about how well companies respond to consumers on social media platforms. I decided to look into the non-profit organization World Vision and more specifically, I looked at their Twitter feed.

There were a couple people who were were tweeting towards World Vision and were using the hashtag, “#WorldVision” to get the attention and interaction from the company.

There was none.

World vision was not responding, favoring, re-tweeting anything. There are plenty of tweets and posting from the company themselves, but there is literally no interactions online with World Vision followers and the company.

These lack of interactions might be from the uproar that recently happened within the World Vision company with the backtrack news story on hiring gay and lesbian couples. They have since came out with a statement retracting these announcements.

Read the full news story, click here. 

Then I dug a little deeper and found that World Vision is not even responding to their consumers on Facebook. There are TONS of people who are excited to be adopting children, excited that their events are being sponsored by World Vision, and even people expressing how they love to donate every year.

Plenty of consumers were interacting with each other, but World Vision are only posting things about whats going on within the company and basically their own news.

I wonder if this lack of interactions is part of their crisis management plan coming from the incident with the hiring gay/lesbian news story. But to just shut off from their entire community they have built online… doesn’t seem like the right way to go. I mean I get that it might be the ‘safer side’ and wont get into any trouble that way, but honestly, if your an organization that is working to bring children into America and get them adopted, then have some class and talk to those families who are actively involved with the organization.

Just some thoughts of mine and It would be cool to hear others thoughts on this matter.



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