Are You Linked-In?

Nowadays anyone who wants to have an online portfolio or just have a business medium with your resume on it, many people join LinkedIn. Its a great site to connect with business owners, network a little bit, get and give endorsements, anything! Its really a grew tool as well to find jobs and stay up to day on the latest industry news.

But there is one thing I must say is very annoying.

Their Emails.

Throughout the day I at least get about 5 emails regarding their premium package for LinkedIn, or endorse someone, or anything! It’s really just amazing how many emails they send you.

But since many, many people are on LinkedIn, about 100 Million people, they must see that LinkedIn is a valuable connecting tool, so there would be no reason to delete this social media app/resource.

Thats the kicker: since many people won’t really leave LinkedIn, they still continue to receive all these emails and notifications and LinkedIn knows that! They want people to constantly check their profiles and others profiles all the time instead of Facebook or Twitter or anything else.

LinkedIn is smart. By constantly notifying you whats going on in the world on LinkedIn, they literally keep you ‘Linked-In’ to the latest news, who got what job, and so on.

Now the question is, is it working? How often to you check your LinkedIn Profile? How many times do you check on the latest job openings. Or look to see if anyone has endorsed you? Obviously it will take some time for LinkedIn to be more often checked because of how popular are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and of course others.

It’s just funny how we don’t really see some campaigns happening until we stop and analyze whats really going on.

Just a thought. šŸ™‚


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