NBA Madness

The California Clippers are experiencing some interesting trials. Their current owner, Donald Sterling has been caught expressing some racial comments when talking to his girlfriend and was penalized by the NBA pretty severely:

A lifetime ban from the NBA and all Clippers association along with a pretty steep fine.

There is a LOT going on with this news story. The fact that Sterling was making those comments, his lifetime ban, how the team is reacting, the sponsors suspending their sponsorships, and oh so much more.

But what I thought is really interesting is how the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, came out within a couple days with a response to Sterling’s behavior. The end result, being the maximum sentence, I thought was overall a good response to the news story. The commissioner was to the point, assertive, and did a great job addressing the situation.

To be honest, I find it a little weird that Sterling was making these comments within the privacy of his own home and having this whole ‘Big Brother’ thing being an issue here. How can he bring that up in court? Or how can that be efficient evidence?

We kind of discussed in class how there could be public figures saying bad things within their home, and no one would know. Sterling just so happened to be recorded.

Just some interesting thing emerging from this news story. However overall the NBA’s response was great and happened within a decent time frame. Their ‘crisis management’ was well handled, too.

I wonder if Sterling has issued a statement yet or has even apologized.

Read the news story here:


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