I <3 NY

The NYPD has just recently created a hash tag on Twitter hoping to promote their own police station and how awesome they are.

Their hash tag: “#mynypd”.

The campaign started out with the New York Police Department posting fun pictures of the police officers and their friendly neighbors. All smiling and such, having a good time.

The public took this campaign a little differently.

The ones who have a sore opinion of the department started to post pictures of out of control, sticky situations, and officers looking mean.

Pretty funny, but I love how the department has responded to these postings.

The department has decided not to respond with any statement even remotely related to those pictures that are not what the campaign is about. Instead the police department has just been posting pictures of them smiling and being friendly. And I love that!

They are not saying they are sorry or scratching the whole hash tag thing at all. They are pressing on and sticking with their original idea and goal. Keep being a great example and showing people how to engage in the campaign.

I think this was a great campaign they started because it brings the department into the social media scene and brings people to connect on Twitter.

You never know how others are going to react to a social media campaign you create, but its always good to have a crisis plan/back up plan in case someone wants to bring down your original goal. You are always going to have haters out there, so don’t sweat the small things.


Keep being strong NYPD!


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