This……….Is American Idol

Have you ever noticed how American Idol is like a social media junkie?


They are always pushing people to tweet during the show, follow everyone on the show, and even when there are special appearances from other bands that perform, they create a hashtag out of it.

And you see that trend on TV shows now. When a big event happens on drama shows, or a TV series, there are little hashtags in the top or bottom corners of the screen for people to tweet live.

American Idol is awesome. They have now created this voting website using Google so now its easier than ever to vote and be apart of the show.

Over the years American Idol has certainly been up with the Jones’. They have stayed current and always finding ways to reinvent fan interactions.

Hashtags are awesome because it creates an online community. People search for the hashtag, find people talking about the same thing your talking about, and people converse. It’s a wonderful thing.

All across America, people are on twitter talking about the musical performances and having conversations with each other from everywhere in the nation. Is awesome!

I would love to do a PR case study on the evolution of social media on American Idol because honestly, I’m really impressed on how they plug it into the show, how interactive it is, I feel like American Idol has become cool again. Haha!



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