Ain’t No Cheap Date

In Response to Baylee Bunyard

Ms. Bunyard wrote an awesome blog about how Netflix is upping their prices for their online movie and TV watching. I completely agree with Ms. Bunyard that there are plenty of other movie watching mediums that are competing against Netflix, so there may be a chance that people will not pay for Netflix anymore.

I agree that Netflix is a great website and you really get that you pay for monthly. However, they tend to be slightly slower to get the newest shows and movies up on their site compared to the other sources like Hulu and On Demand.

But I don’t understand why Netflix would want to up their prices. You would think that they would want more people coming to their site rather than draw them away.

Now if Netflix were to jack up the price a little more, depending on how much, I would recommend they create something to keep people there more and use their services. An example could be to offer newer shows faster. They can make it a goal to get shows faster, like Hulu posts them on their site the morning after. Sometimes they post the same night because its already aired on the East coast.

If there could be something newer, better, and faster, Netflix could do whatever they want.

Today, people want to watch their shows instantly, they are the ‘Now’ generation. So why not meet them where they are?

Thanks Baylee for posting your thoughts about this matter. Hopefully Netflix wont become the next Hollywood Video because I love Netflix!

Walking Dead ALL DAY 🙂


Click here to view Baylee’s original blog post:


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