Something Smells Fishy

This week we read a chapter called Media Relations and its all about how to relate to the media, work with them, establish relationships, company responses using media, and more.

By being a PR person, your responsibility is to council the company on how to relate to the public with responses, relationships, etc. Many of the case studies within this chapter result with companies being portrayed as something concerning their reputation.

Establishing and keeping relationships with the media should be a priority and taken seriously. By treating the media like a friend, you can sure get places. Help them by helping you.

As a class, we also watched the documentary called Black Fish. This was a story of the tragic events that occurred with Sea World along with their PR tactics.

Watching this movie for the first time, I saw how terrible this film had portrayed Sea World to be. Everyone that was being interviewed were all ‘former trainers’ and were talking about the terrible PR Sea World did.

These trainers and people have to know that no one is safe when swimming with killer whales; not even a really experienced trainer. People perform with bulls, too, and go skydiving, everyone is accepting the risk of dying when they commit to these activities.

Now there is some truth here. Sea World is terrible at PR and they lied to the community and the media on various occasions (I have to admit, I was pretty upset by the end of the film and I wanted to take Sea World down), and the fact that they lied about the trainer that was killed by the killer whale, Dawn, because of her ponytail… Worse move ever.

I understand that Sea World was trying to protect the killer whales’ reputation and have people continue to come to their parks so they can make money, but seriously… after 70+ cases of killer whale attacks, you would think that people would understand that these animals are safe.

Watching this movie just expressed the amount of importance it is to tell the truth about your product and be authentic. To me, I hate lying.

Yes, people need to understand what killer whales are not safe, just like skydiving, and swimming with sharks. It’s a huge risk and the people who are trainers of these dangerous animals should know the high risk.

As for PR, Sea World kinda sucks at it. They could really use some help with telling the truth.

But I also thought that it would have been interesting to have some people in the film who were for Sea World; like ones who could explain their side to things. All there was were people who were former trainers and only talked about the tragic stories. They are important, but I did think this film was a bit bias.


Overall, pretty interesting to see the PR tactics and strategies Sea World used when trainers were getting attacked, and other companies like Sea World could learn from them.


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