Thats Just Plain Creepy…

In the news recently was the scandal of James Franco communicating with a 17-year-old girl over the Instagram medium. James was talking to this girl and seemed to have drawn attention to the amount of creepiness this interaction is.

In this article from The Huffington Post, they were debating whether this news story was a just an act of promotion toward James’ new film or it was just a creepy star/fan interaction.

Why would someone want to promote a film with this social media interaction? James is over 30 years old and he is talking via Instagram to this 17-year-old girl.

The article included a little conversation about what two people thought about this news story and they said that since James Franco is such a radicle guy, that this stunt doesn’t seem too “unorthodox”.

But then I saw in this article that James plays a character for his new film as a soccer coach who takes advantage of a teenage girl.


So was this ‘news story’ real? Was it a promotional stunt?

If it is… in general, it’s a great way to go about promoting a film, but for this case, there should have been more emphasis on the film. This story makes it seem like James is a total creeper and fully damaging his reputation.

As creepy as this stunt (if it is just a stunt or not) I don’t see it as very funny or a great promotional strategy. Poor choice.

I would give it a D-


Link to original article:


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