Keeping Up With The Kardashian PR

Kim Kardashian. Oh boy.

In response to Connie Morgan about the queen of PR being Kim K., I would have to say that I completely agree. She may have been famous for nothing, she may be just crazy on TV and all the family shows, but this woman really knows how to work the media.

She is just outstanding with working with the media and getting great PR everywhere. Just like Connie said about how when things are dying down in the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ TV show, something pops up about a fight or some shocking story.

My mom is always saying. “Those doggone Kardashians are always in the news!” and my mother is right.

She knows when to keep quite so the media is constantly waiting to hear about the next wedding surprise, or new baby on the way, who knows! And then times it all perfectly to make it seem like they are always in the news. Great PR.

Now, sometimes the stories are just false, or are too silly to really care about, but people still talk about them; regardless of how silly their behavior may be.

Connie is absolutely right about how exposed Kim Kardashian really is and it seems like many people know all about the family without event watching the shows.

How crazy is that. They are practically famous for no reason at all, but yet they seem to be the most famous of all.

I got to admit, Kim and her family really know their business and PR skills.

Keep it real, Kim.


Here is the link to Connie’s post:


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