Prayers to South Korea

There seems to be a lot of tragedies happening around the world these days. And some have had some trouble communicating.

Recently a ferry sunk over in South Korea with over 400 people on board and only 179 survived.

The communications officer kept telling everyone to not move. Big mistake. The ones who listened, are either dead or trapped, and the ones who ignored the command, survived.

This was obviously the wrong move and not the way to handle a crisis.

This article from PR News talks about being a PR professional and knowing what to do when in a crisis. Always have a plan and prepare for everything.

“Communications pros should go beyond developing skills to manage the message and protect a brand in a crisis,” said PR News.

I could not agree more. Maybe more PR people should take some HR classes or disaster relief classes, something to get people prepared and ready to react in any crisis. If something happens with your brand, how fast you respond and the quality/type of response matters a lot.

One thing to be prepared can be you asking yourself how ready you and your company is if a crisis occurs. Have plans backed up and ready to go. Have responders on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere your company is on, and take care of business.

Its funny how crisis plans are created after a tragedy. Don’t let that be your company/brand. Stay prepared and awesome.

Here is a link to the PR news article:


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