Can I Instagram That?

Do you ever get those random followers on Instagram? You don’t know them, they don’t post anything, but they follow you?

Well Instagram came out with a statement about just that. The social network has only been around for a few years but they have over a 75 million users.

The problem with having unused and inactive accounts, Instagram finally decided to take action.

From PR News:

“After receiving feedback from members in the Instagram community, we recently fixed an issue that incorrectly included inactive accounts in follower/following lists,” an Instagram spokesman said in a statement, according to re/code. “We believe this will provide a more authentic experience and genuinely reflect people who are actually engaging with each other’s content.”

This is really smart and a great PR move because it not only solves a problem that many users have, but its directly focused on the user so they are showing how much they care about their communities they have built.

They are directing and focusing all on the people and listening to what these people have to say.

I know that I have at least 100 followers I have no idea who they are or how they got my information.

For my job, too, as PR director at Jam The City Radio, we just created an Instagram account and almost within the first ten minutes, had 5 random followers without even posting a picture. Crazy!

Recently Instagram added advertisements into the main news feed page and there was serious uproar about it. People need to keep in mind that Instagram is still a business and figured they needed more of an income. Good for them, and if users don’t like the ads, they can keep scrolling.

But coming out with this statement about solving this big issue is just a great idea and great timing to show their audience that they care. This also helps building report with unique users and want to stick with Instagram.


Link to original article:



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