Communication Is Key…

How you communicate says a lot about you and your personality. In an online debate I saw from PR Daily, many people are chiming in with their own thoughts about how to properly communicate.

Across the board, people were agreeing that using email is the best way to communicate with someone and is best for public relations. However, there were many communication companies commenting on how talking is the most sufficient way.

Personally, I agree that talking directly to someone face to face is the most relational way to communicate; I actually really like using email. Texting seems too personal when it’s within the business setting. Keeping it professional and as simple as email, you can’t go wrong there.

Also when you find yourself texting a lot, sometimes you tend to use texting language, like using a ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. Got to be super careful with that one!

There are times though when your boss texts you about a meeting simply because they are either on the road (which is illegal) or just walking in the office, anything, THEN I think its okay to communicate via text.

All in all, the way you communicate with your peers shows a lot about you and your personality. If you are more prone to use texting with people, then you could appear as more personal. If you want to use email more, you can seem to be more professional. Social media, well, they can seem to be very social. Haha!

Its just good to keep in mind what mediums you are communicating with especially when working with PR. A great example is the Malaysia flight that is still missing; the airlines texted the families that their loved ones are all dead in the ocean. Wrong choice of medium. Bad, bad, bad.

Things like that are super important to keep in mind.


Here is a link to the PR Daily Forum: click here. 


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