It’s My Cookie And I Want It Now!

Have you ever noticed how people today just want things now? They want their information within a second, very quick, and if the information is taking too long to load, you loose the viewer.

I was in an interview meeting today with the CWU’s Campus Life/Activities Director, Scott Drummond and I asked him about event planning trends he was noticing lately. Scott responded about the trend that everyone wants what he or she want ‘now’.

When planning events or creating a campaign, there is a ton of work behind the masterpiece. But when the event happens, and it looks fun and exciting from an outside perspective, you know you did your job.

For example, someone can come to a concert, find their seat, enjoy the show, buy a t-shirt, then leave. But really, behind the scenes of that simple night out is months of planning. Planning for the band to show up, contracts, permits, venue, time, ticket price, sound guys, security, stage help, and the list goes on and on!

To get that ‘now’ factor a reality, takes a ton of work. Not many people recognize that like they should, but it’s just the way it is.

This could cause more of a need for strong public relations and advertising people to get down to business on all the details to make that ‘now’ factor become real and wanted. Like creating a new ‘smart’ product, people want to see how fast it can run, what apps can get them the information needed, and so on. To get this new product out there, a team needs to advertise it well, and create a brand for it; make the consumer believe/know its more of a ‘now’ factor than other leading products.

So this trend was just really interesting to me because it has only occurred rather recently. Maybe back when smart phones started to become a thing, I don’t know for sure. People buy into the hype so easily, getting that ‘now’ mentality is within all of us one way or another.

Something to think about 🙂


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