OMG I’m Trending! #Winning

One public relations trend that I am seeing more and more with advertisements and campaigns are the more personal companies are becoming. You see more commercials with a story of a family, or seeing the company reach out to people to talk about the products. There is more of a people-oriented trend occurring.

It got me thinking that while this trend is very smart, it’s also being overdone to a point. I mean, I never get tired of seeing a caner survivor being touched dramatically from a company, that’s just beautiful, all I am saying is that is such a hot trend, that there are a ton of companies doing it. Now it’s about who can make the most heart-stringed, heart-felt commercial.

Telling stories as ads I think is really great branding because it could potentially tie in consumers to the product or service. Seeing someone in the commercial or ad that has the same lifestyle as you can be very impactful. Having a company with a specific target audience, this could be great at growing that audience.

Right now, I am in love with the All State car insurance commercials with “mayhem”. I love the stories and situations the company has created just to bring to real life, real situations that occur. It’s funny, creative, and effective.

And who could not love the Budweiser puppy commercial?! Can I get an Amen?!

Watching that for the first time made me cry. Now I am not the biggest lover of beer, I actually would think first to have a Budweiser before any other beer because of those commercials. And that puppy was just so dog gone cute. (See what I did there?)

Seeing these story trends show up throughout the PR campaigns and advertisements, I really like it just because its not so serious and doesn’t make the companies seem as large, and they are just more personal.

But its good to keep in mind that many other companies are doing it. That’s how it becomes trending.


To watch my favorite All State commercial, click here.

To watch the Puppy Budweiser commercial, click here.



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