Ode to Baylee Bunyard

To respond to Ms. Baylee Bunyard’s post entitled “Microsoft, Apply, Google…Oh My!” there are a couple things that came to mind about cars that are getting smarter.

I totally agree with Baylee that Microsoft would be the better option because of all their compatibilities and flat out awesomeness. (Don’t worry, I am an Apple girl at heart)

Currently I work for a radio station that is strictly online. We don’t have an FM channel mainly because we like to be available to many people regardless of where the signal can reach. One of the things we are really looking forward to are cars getting more internet access so people can type in our station and listen in their car. But it all depends on what carrier will be used.

Some smarter, newer cars have Pandora and iHeart Radio already in the car’s and its very appealing for many people. If we were to move forward with working with iHeart Radio or Pandora, we would want to make sure the cars will have a reliable provider like Microsoft to carry our station as well.

Very interesting article and it should be interesting to see what car companies choose to have in their cars. Could help our station and their own businesses; like Baylee said. 🙂

Thanks Baylee!


Check out her original post, click here.


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