Along Came Sally

Today in class, we had the pleasure to skyping with Sally Rutledge-Ott and she talked a lot about what she is doing in regards to PR with her clients, and just some basic overall PR and marketing plans she created.

So much information came from Sally that I am not sure where to begin! Her insight on specific campaigns she has done was just awesome and I wish I could take one of her 3-hour classes. It was really interesting to hear her side of specific news stories and how the PR teams have done things that are possibly not so smart, and some teams that are great.

There are a couple of things I liked that I wanted to point out about her talk.

I find it really interesting that a company can make a great PR campaign, and the company just decides not to do it. I just don’t understand how a company can hire on a professional to get them back on track or improve, they spend time at creating a plan, and then they just don’t do it. There have been a couple of times I have seen this and its really heartbreaking. A PR firm takes so much time, energy, and possibly money to create this awesome catered plan, and then it gets thrown away. Come on guys. Stick with your guns, and fulfill your commitments.

Another thing that was interesting was her perspective on the latest news stories and how she connected PR to them. With the Hobby Lobby situation, or the Northwest University athlete union being formed, all these things tie into PR and hearing Sally talk about exactly how that works was just so cool. There is usually always someone or a team of someones who are marketing and promoting what a company says, how they react to the media, and more.

We have talked a little bit about social media and how it can be a ‘make it or break it’ deal. There has been a couple ‘oops’ moments with celebrities, public figures, and major companies who have suffered the social media cancer. Sally touched on this subject as well.

Saying the wrong things on social media, accidentally using a different account, anything like that can really hurt a company, a person, and their reputation. Be extremely careful.

Overall it was awesome to hear from Sally today and hear about what she is working on with her clients. She is totally rad and everyone should take PR advice from this awesome lady.


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