Old Fashioned PR

Currently I work as a public relations director for Jam The City radio and part of my job is to network with other public relations professionals within the music industry. I recently went to Georgia for a big concert event and there I met the head PR coordinator, Emily, and she works for Turning Point Media out of Nashville.

We later connected via email and she asked me to stay in touch with press releases and such, but then she asked for my mailing address. Most PR reps have only asked me for my email in the past so I found this interesting.

I received a package in the mail one afternoon from Turning Point Media with a couple press releases and a CD of their new artists they are working with. I called her up to tell her how awesome that really was to be getting a hard copy of press materials.

She told me that’s what they really like to do because everyone in the industry seems to only send things virtually, which you cant blame them for because we live in such a digital world, but giving out a hard copy of a CD and press materials brings more of a relationship into action. Its more personal and your not just apart of a mass email chain.

And you know what? I read every press release she sent me and listened to that whole CD from start to finish.

When your working in the music industry, it can be hard to create deep, personal relationships with other companies because everyone is located all over the nation. Connecting online is really the best medium, but when a company stands out and goes back to the old fashioned PR tactics, then that’s when the personal connection sets in.

Just something I liked!


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