I am currently a senior at Central Washington University studying Public Relations and Advertising and I am involved with Central Communication Agency as an Account Executive working closely with the universities’ Museum of Culture & Environment.

Outside of school, I am the Public Relations and News Director for Jam The City Radio, an online station that reports the latest music industry news, plays the newest songs, and is well respected within the music industry. I network with record label and artist managers, conduct interviews, album reviews, and create/implement social media campaigns. Been working at Jam The City for over a year now, its been such a great experience working directly with public relations and the music industry.

I have experience with event planning, festival planning, managment, graphic designing, public relations, advertising, social media management and campaigns, web design, interviews, networking, public speaking, advertising research, creating media kits, press releases, and so much more.

Other than school and work, I am addicted to coffee, community, and working. I love to work with people (PR) and always enjoy a good conversation.

Someday I hope to work within a branding, advertising, or PR firm and work closely with clients in creating PR campaigns.